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Where will you learn?

Digital Classrooms

Students can learn how to use their devices and the internet effectively in the digital classroom. Learning, communicating, and collaborating are improved by better utilizing the tools available to them.

Online and Offline Classes

Online and Offline Classes help engage students in real-time and to acclimate to a digital learning environment. Teachers can engage students through a variety of tools such as polling and quizzing, a digital whiteboard, file sharing, and more.



Better Understanding Digital Classroom.
Comfortable Setting Arrangement of 60 students at a time.
Well-ventilated classrooms.
Mic system in teaching.
Personal counseling & guidance to each student.
Campus under CCTV Surveillance.
Availability Of Separate Library.
Working computer labs.
Highly maintained Clean washrooms.
Separate Conduction Of online Practice Session.

Extracurricular Activities

We at Takshashila believe that extracurricular activities help the students to relive for some time and refocus on their goals again.

Every Saturday we conduct  2 hrs various activities. That helps the students to refresh their minds & fill up with new energy .

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