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We Believe Education Is The Key To Unlock The World.


Success Story

Our success lies on the two basic principles that is Shiksha and Sanskar. We always have intended on not makin engineers doctors in the long lists but to carve out a better human being out of their potential.

We stick to the Indian Ideology of Education. Our names of batches that is Arjuna, Charak and Aryabhatta itself portray our vision of creating their disciples.

Running behind in getting numbers is not what we offer. We thrive to teach our students to give them a moral base for their dreams and make them aware of what it takes to achieve them. We also offer an environment wherein they will not only be stress-free but will be able to use their potential at its best.


Head Faculty

HOD-Math 10 Yrs. Exp.

Mr.Amit Giri

IIT Guwahati
MA Marathi

Mrs. Sanjiwani Shivangekar


Mr. Mhd Asharaf Ganie

Msc. gold Medalist

Directors Message

Welcome to Takshashila Carrier Institute.

To succeed in any competitive examination, you need strong internal motivation.
No one can force you to prepare & work hard. Your passion for excellence, ability
to learn and expert’s guidance can certainly determine your success in a top level competitive examination.
All the best for your academic endevour.
Takshashila Carrier Institute Director

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