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We not only shape our student's future but also them aware as a student.

We have divided our batches at takshashila as “Charak batch, Aryabhatta batch, Arjuna batch ” We have designed the batches in order to give the guaranteed result and a perspective of your future.

Charak Batch

NEET Batch (UG)

Our batch is named after Charak who is one of the principal contributors to
Ayurveda. The “prevention is better than cure” doctrine seems to have been embraced
by Charaka at an early age. In Hindu medicine and Ayurveda, he is known as an editor
of the Charaka Samhita, a classical Indian medical treatise under the Brhat-Trayi

The batch will be trained for the Medical Entrance of NEET and the Board Exam simultaneously.

Aryabhatta Batch


The IIT-JEE batch is named after an Indian mathematician and astronomer of the classical age of Indian mathematics and Indian astronomy. Arithmetic, algebra, plane trigonometry, and spherical trigonometry are all covered in Aryabhatiya’s mathematical part. A table of sines is also included, along with continued fractions, quadratic equations, and sums-of-power series. 

The batch will be trained for the Engineering Entrance test - IIT-JEE and the Board Exam simultaneously.

Arjuna Batch

Prefoundation class

Arjuna is known for his courage, potential and determination and we named the
Prefoundation for 7th/8th/9th &10th Class after him. We intend to mould and prepare our
students to be in their best chance for their dreams and future.

We apply the 7 secrets that is; Learn, Practice, Revise, Examine, Analysis and Strategy that will make them use their potential at its best.

Programs by Takshashila

Key Points

Our Specialities

We educate not only as student but also as a person. Right way to education & unlimited personal care.

Constant faculties & HOD's of subject

Well designed study material kit for IIT-JEE & NEET. Daily practice session & doubt solving .

Takshashila's online test series

Practice session in both online & offline mode, record video lecture & video solution.

Result oriented teaching methodology

Final revision module & formula handbook. Hostel & residential facilities.

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